Volume 1, Number 2 — March 27, 2013

Easter is a very important time for all of us! It is a time of re-dedication to what is important in our lives.  Upon Jesus Christ and His Mighty Name!

The traditional Easter Greeting amongst many Christian Denominations is-”Christ Is Risen!”  This greeting has many implications, the larger of which speaks to the fact that we serve a Risen Lord who is Jesus Christ, He Himself resurrected from the dead and who has sent the Holy Spirit to us to be with us as we continue our journey of Faith together!

My quarrel with most of the world-at- large is that they have not taken 10 hours of their entire life to study  Jesus and His Resurrection.  I can ask 10 questions and know whether these self proclaimed ‘experts in religion’ have ever really studied it at all.  If the Resurrection is true, and I believe that it is, then it becomes the Central Fact and Most Important of all History to every living person. As CS Lewis said, Jesus forces a choice upon everyone.  Lewis suggested that anyone who said the sort of things Jesus said would either be a lunatic– on the level with a man who said he was a boiled egg, or else he must be exactly who he said he was, the very center of the historic and religious universe, in which case, everything he said bears increased study and attention!

My prayer for you this Easter Season is that the Holy Spirit gives you the gifts that God has prepared for you during this important time!   Let’s make every effort to inspire those around us to come to the Church and re-dedicate ourselves to our Living Lord!

Best wishes and Prayers for a most joyous Easter Season!

Thanks be to God!

~Pastor Wayne Wolfe


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