I’m in my first year as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Carbondale, PA. I want to affirm how truly blessed I feel to be on a Pilgrimage of Faith with such a fine gathering of God’s People!

Please contact me with questions or concerns at 570-282-4611. I’m particularly excited about the strong sense of Christian Community that many sense at First Presbyterian of Carbondale. My preference is to focus on the fundamentals, which I can summarize in Three Points.

  1. Focusing on Raising up Jesus Christ and his teachings. We know from the earliest days of God’s people, that when God’s ways are put before our own, that God responds to this faithful approach.
  2. Emphasis on Prayer, specifically for the Glory of the Church and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Every great revival has started with Prayer and a genuine desire for the Glory of the Church.
  3. Focus on Reframing Hope. We don’t need any new truths, we just need to discover and relish the ones we already have. Technologies like the internet and text messaging have redefined the way we must communicate in a new world. While we cherish and remember our past, we must reframe the message for a new generation. We are moving in that direction, but there is much to be done.

We are starting a new bible study, newsletter, have a new confirmation class, a focus on programs, invitations to new members to join us, new activities for youth and the faith community in general.

All of this in a traditional and beautiful safe place for families and individuals to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Thanks be to God!

-Pastor Wayne Wolfe

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